is a global grassroots campaign founded in October 2021 to morally compel the return of the world’s most famous looted artifact – the Rosetta Stone – to Egypt, the country from which it was stolen. This campaign is embedded within the wider movement to morally pressure governments around the world to return looted and stolen artifacts to their rightful owners. is not affiliated with any government or institution.

Our Mission

To morally compel the British Museum and the British Government to unconditionally return the world’s most famous looted artifact to its original and rightful owners, the government and people of Egypt.

Our Tactics

Education targeting the global public, issue exposure targeting international media, and public pressure targeting the British Museum, including its Board of Directors, its donors, and its corporate sponsors.

Our Values

The Return The Stone Campaign stands firmly and explicitly against the intentional damage or destruction of art, artifacts, or property or any other type of unlawful tactic or activity in furtherance of any issue advocacy campaign.

About the Founder

John Navarre is an American-born entrepreneur who has been involved in business and economic development throughout the wider Middle East region for over 20 years, with a particular focus on Egypt. He is the creator and editor of, the host of the popular podcast known as The Egypt Travel Podcast, and also the creator of The Egypt Travel Channel on YouTube. He is also the owner and creator of the primary informational website about the new Grand Egyptian Museum at John now lives in Spain and splits his time between Granada and Cairo.

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