The Global Petition


Return the Rosetta Stone to Egypt

Whereas, the Rosetta Stone is a priceless artifact that is one of the Egyptian people’s most important links to their history, identity, and culture;

Whereas, the Rosetta Stone was found and seized in 1799 by French forces who had invaded Egypt without just cause or provocation the year prior and which were illegally occupying the country and looting its history at the time of the stone’s discovery;

Whereas, upon the defeat of French forces in Egypt by the British, the Rosetta Stone was again seized in 1801 by British forces and, instead of rightfully transferring the stolen artifact to the government of Egypt upon its rediscovery, the stone was illegally smuggled out of the country and transported by sea to Great Britain;

Whereas, upon the stolen artifact’s arrival in Great Britain, the Rosetta Stone was soon thereafter transferred to the British Museum, despite the artifact not having had any proper documentation related to its legal export or acquisition and despite the donating entity not having had any proper title to or ownership of the artifact;

Whereas, the British Museum to this day remains in illegal possession of a looted and smuggled artifact that rightly belongs to the people and government of Egypt;

I, the undersigned, hereby demand the immediate and unconditional return of the Rosetta Stone to Egypt and an official apology from the Board of Trustees of the British Museum and from the British government to the people and government of Egypt.