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The Rosetta Stone is a stolen artifact which the British Museum refuses to return. Check out and support them in any way you can. Real actions like they're doing speak much louder than words! #ReturnTheStone

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Just "calling on" people to do something isn't enough. Nothing changes without sustained concrete actions to follow up on the talk. is the real deal. Go check them out and support them in any way. #ReturnTheStone

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If you don't know the story of the world's most famous stolen artifact, you need to check out And while you're at it, do like I did and order a t-shirt or few to support them. Or better yet, join them if you can. #ReturnTheStone

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This t-shirt is eye-catching, a great conversation starter, and goes to support a very good cause. If you don’t yet know the story of the world’s most famous stolen stolen artifact, check out and then consider supporting them in any way that you can. Getting their new limited edition t-shirt would be a great start. #ReturnTheStone

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Becasue Egypt Should Not Have To Fight Alone !